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Zickeyous M. Byrd, Ed.D

Zickeyous M. Byrd, Ed.D

Conecuh County is thankful for the many opportunities we provide for our students: pre-k, advancement placement, career technical programs, dual enrollment, advanced technology, extracurricular activities and programs, the humanities, and junior ROTC, as well as thoughtful, caring, and motivated leaders, teachers, and support staff.  Our teachers and leaders are dedicated to ensuring that students are prepared for their chosen college or career pathway. Realizing this goal and our commitment to our students, we are proud of our strong partnerships with stakeholders who embrace and support our schools.

New at CCS

Communication is important, and between parents and their students, it is no exception. Here, we'll outline the newest programs in our district, information vital to parents and students, and offer helpful forms that our schools require from our students. 


Twilight Program

Career Pathways

Career Technical




                 The Board of Education and Superintendent are proud to announce:

 Creating College and

  Career Ready Students 






·       Virtual School- The newest option for independent, driven students. Go to class online and still participate in school activities!  It’s school on your terms- anytime, anywhere, online! Perfect for homeschooled students or those new to CCS.


·       Twilight Program- The perfect opportunity for students to recover credits, or earn new credits for early graduation.  Applications will be available at HHS.


·       Career Technical Center- The new Career Technical Center will house current career tech programs, and new programs to come! Students can utilize the new facility to earn college credits from Reid State and graduate from HHS with their Reid State certificate in hand!


·       Hillcrest High School’s “Three Pathways to Success”- We’ve got three roads to success at Hillcrest High: Traditional, Career, and Academic. Each has its own benefits. Go the traditional route, or earn college credits with the Career and Academic options. More info is available on our website!


We’re also incredibly thrilled to announce:


·       A new smart phone app that will bring you all the news from CCS


·       A new and improved football field at HHS


·       Smaller school supply lists to make Back-to-School easier on your wallets


·       A new 3-year Strategic Plan for CCS designed from input by you, the community.


·       A new website that brings you news from CCS every day.


·       Updated student policies for Grading, Promotion, and Retention, and a new Student Code of Conduct


·       New Teacher recruitment and retention plans


.       All district students receive free breakfast and lunch


Conecuh County Schools are moving forward and addressing the needs of all students. Be a part of this great school system as we embark on our journey to provide a world class education to our students and community. Stay tuned! More announcements and innovative programs are on the way! 




Find us online!  @CCBOEK12 on Twitter




Incoming students at Hillcrest High on Orientation Day


Conecuh Virtual School


Evergreen Elementary School

Genesis School


Conecuh County Junior High School

Genesis School

Lyeffion Junior High School

Repton Junior High School

Thurgood Marshall Middle School


Hillcrest High School

Workforce Development Center

Genesis School


Southside Preparatory Magnet Academy