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Zickeyous M. Byrd, Ed.D

Zickeyous M. Byrd, Ed.D

Conecuh County is thankful for the many opportunities we provide for our students: pre-k, advancement placement, career technical programs, dual enrollment, advanced technology, extracurricular activities and programs, the humanities, and junior ROTC, as well as thoughtful, caring, and motivated leaders, teachers, and support staff.  Our teachers and leaders are dedicated to ensuring that students are prepared for their chosen college or career pathway. Realizing this goal and our commitment to our students, we are proud of our strong partnerships with stakeholders who embrace and support our schools.

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Conecuh County Board of Education

Technology Department

1455 Ted Bates Road

Evergreen, AL., 36401

Phone: 251-578-1752 | Fax: 251-578-7061


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Technology Support provides technical assistance to schools and central office locations while maintaining hardware, software and systems such as Student Information, Finance, Human Resources, network IDs, E-mail, LANs & WAN, Internet access, IP & Analog Telephony, Mobile Phones, Smart Boards, PCs and peripherals.

Technology Support is also devoted to furthering education through means of technology. Our goal is to train teachers, students and others on how to use technology. Technology can be used in the office, classroom, and meetings. We provide training through means of computer labs, hands on training and distance learning labs.


Our department is currently offering Virtual Field Trips provided by the State Department, ACCESS Distance Learning, Educational iPads,  Virtual School and the Twilight Program!


Mr. Scott T. Luthardt 251-578-1752  Extn: 1206
Technology Coordinator Email Mr. Scott Luthardt
Mr. Triston Ewing 251-578-1752  Extn: 1001
Technology Technician Email Mr. Triston Ewing
Ms. Savannah Little 251-578-1752  Extn: 1209
Technology Assistant Email Ms. Savannah Little


Conecuh Virtual School


Evergreen Elementary School

Genesis School


Conecuh County Junior High School

Genesis School

Lyeffion Junior High School

Repton Junior High School

Thurgood Marshall Middle School


Hillcrest High School

Workforce Development Center

Genesis School


Southside Preparatory Magnet Academy