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Alabama Core Standards

The Alabama State Board of Education approved the adoption of the internationally benchmarked Common Core State Standards along with selected Alabama standards in November 2010.  By combining both Common Core and Alabama's standards, our state has adopted one of the most comprehensive sets of standards in the nation, ensuring students are prepared for a successful future in the ever-expanding global environment. Common Core State Standards are K-12 English Language Arts/Literacy and Math standards that will create a clear, consistent level of knowledge for our public school students no matter where they live.

Below are some links for parents and students to help them better understand the standards.

Alabama College and Career Ready Standards & Support
    *This website helps Alabama educators better understand the standards as well as provide high-quality resources and instructional materials to implement the CCRS.

Parents' Guide to Student Success
    * The Guide includes: - Key items that children should be learning in English language     arts and mathematics in each grade.  - Activities that parents can do at home to support their child's learning.  -Methods for helping parents build stronger relationships     with their child's teacher.  -Tips for planning for college and career.

Common Core Standards for ELA and Literacy Videos
    *Learn about the key features and differences of the new standards.

Myths vs. Facts
    *Myths and facts that aim to address common misconceptions about the development, intent, content, and implementation of the standards.

5 Facts:  Making Common Sense out of the Common Core

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